Thoughts on turning 36

live the width of your life quote

Reflecting tonight on the fact that I’m turning 36 in exactly 2 weeks… 36… How did that happen??? Life at nearly 36 sure doesn’t look any way I ever pictured it but I am oh so grateful for where I am today especially compared to where I was just a couple years ago. It’s not […]

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How being broken can be a good thing

There are times in our lives where we are going to feel broken. Those times when we lose someone or something that has meant the world to us, when someone says or does something that offends us, hurts us and crushes our dreams and confidence, when it seems no matter what or how hard we […]

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3 Daily Rituals that will Change your Business

3 Daily Rituals that will improve your business

Being an entrepreneur is very rewarding but can also be stressful. Developing habits of success are key in growing your business, balancing your personal life and enjoying success more. Being more in control and stepping into the role of CEO of Me starts with your thoughts and daily habits. “Success is the sum of small […]

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