How being broken can be a good thing

There are times in our lives where we are going to feel broken. Those times when we lose someone or something that has meant the world to us, when someone says or does something that offends us, hurts us and crushes our dreams and confidence, when it seems no matter what or how hard we try that nothing is working out how we want it… When it feels like there is just no more left to give and all our dreams and hopes are crumbling around us. Broken, broken outside and inside, all around us things are breaking apart.

I’ve learned to look at brokenness as something beautiful, as something with the potential to bring new life, as something to give the chance to re-arrange the pieces into something that suits us better than how it was before.

It is painful? Is it scary? Do we question the why? Do we wish we didn’t have to be stretched and crushed and broken to be made into something new? Yes, of course. It’s human nature to want to be in control. to feel safe & protected and avoid being hurt. No one enjoys going through difficult times. No one wants their lives to be shaken up. No one enjoys the fragility of it all or having to admit that we aren’t perfect, that life isn’t perfect, that our current reality might not be what’s best for us.

Being broken isn’t always a bad thing… The sun breaks through the darkness to shine, flower buds break through their seeds and the soil to bloom, butterflies break through their cocoons to become something more beautiful, babies & animals break through the womb or their shells to be birthed… Our mindsets, beliefs, hopes and plans often have to be broken in order to birth new, brighter, better & stronger ones…

Sometimes our lives have to be broken so we can break through to a new life, new abundance, new joys and a new purpose. Everything has a reason, there is a lesson and it is all working together for our good. We need to choose to see the promise, to embrace the beauty, to find the new life from the things that break us and allow the pieces to be put back together into something more beautiful than we ever imagined.

Misty Kearns

Misty Kearns is a Certified High Performance Coach® & Founder of CEO of Me®. Misty has over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur in home and online based businesses. As a coach & mentor, she empowers female entrepreneurs to go from struggling and fearful to successful and confident through improving their mindset, marketing and business systems. Her down to earth approach, authentic personality & extensive experience provides her clients with the ability to feel understood, gain clarity and take inspired action towards reaching their own definition of success. Misty is happily single and currently resides in Winston-Salem, NC. Outside of her entrepreneurial passions, she enjoys travelling, starting on books and household projects she will probably never finish & making memories with family & friends.

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